Hello Politics…

There are several reasons a person might contemplate writing a novel. In my case, I wanted to make some fast, easy money. Also, I wanted chicks to dig me.

Unfortunately, it turns out that writing a novel is hard work—and the day I make more money writing than by finding loose change in the dryer will be a moment of high celebration indeed.

Regarding the chicks thing, the sad fact is this; any lady who might be a candidate for some funny business with me turns out to also own a seeing-eye dog—and those animals can be vicious!

However, even with those two stimuli taken off the table, one additional carrot remained. I also wanted to sound an alarm about politics in America today.

Governing is a dirty, nasty, disgusting, and often-futile business. In the same way a slaughterhouse tour can turn a squeamish person into a strict vegetarian, a closer look at our legislative system is apt to leave your average voter feeling nauseous.

Even so—as my main character, MIKE HAYDEN, finds out the hard way—paying attention to politics remains something that we MUST do.

The fact is, XANDRO and QUARTHO (the bad guys in my novel) were fashioned after the elected sociopaths I see pontificating on television every single day.

Such creatures display a congenital inability to feel guilt; no matter how many people they hurt. They lie as easily as they breathe. As a matter of routine they accuse their political opponents of exactly their own crimes. And they name legislation in a way that is diametrically opposed to what those laws are intended to do.

This listing of common “political tactics” could go on and on. But—and this is a key point—they did not spring from my imagination; they are only what I observed and documented while watching the evening news.

And while I would take a butt whipping before I ever voted Republican, I don’t trust either political party all that much. In fact, my stance on ANY politician is the same as Robert Heinlein’s stance on shamans; they should all be considered guilty until proven innocent.

To be sure, there are a few good politicians out there. However—and this is another key point—the percentage of those who are well meaning and intelligent IS NO HIGHER THAN WHAT YOU FIND IN THE GENERAL POPULATION!

God save us! That being said, here is what I hope my novel will encourage everyone to do. First, pay attention; keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open. Second, don’t believe anything a politician, or a shaman, tells you without fact-checking it first. And finally, once you are certain you have figured out who the Bad Guys are, VOTE. For God’s sake, merciful Heaven, get out there and VOTE—in the primaries as well as the general election!

If you don’t, somebody just might come over to your house and kick your non-voting little butt. And nobody wants that.




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